The OPA Award

The OPA Award

Please note that Applications for the 2019 Award must be received in the OPA Office by midnight on Saturday 29th June 2019 – Any Application received after this time will NOT be considered.

Applications for the 2019 Award are now closed and will not be accepted

The 2019 Award is available to all Members of the Old Priorian Association who left, or will leave, St Benedict’s School from Summer 2014 to Summer 2019 inclusive

As at 14th December 2018

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The Award is made by The Old Priorian Association to enable an Old Priorian Association Member to undertake some deserving activity.

Any Member of the Association in their first five years after leaving School is eligible for the Award. This applies to current School Pupils who will become Association Members on leaving School in the July following their application for an Award.

In any one year a single Award of £500 or a maximum of two Awards each of £250 may be made.

An Applicant for an Award must make their application before 30th June in any year. Applications received after midnight on 29th June will not be considered.

An application must be made in writing (you must include an email address) or by email and sent to:

The Secretary, Old Priorian Association, 54 Eaton Rise, Ealing, London W5 2ES


Applications will be acknowledged by email. If you have not received an email acknowledgement within 5  working days of your submission, you must email for clarification.

An application must show full details, including reasons for the proposed activity, timings and estimated costings. The Award may only be used to offset costs associated with the proposed activity (eg Travel Expenses) and may not be used as a donation, or part of a donation, to the organisers of the activity.

The application for an Award will be judged by a panel set up by the Council of the Old Priorian Association. The Award Winner(s) will be informed in writing and if timings allow the Award will be formally presented at the Annual School Prize Giving in the Michaelmas Term.

An Award having been made, it will be financed by the Association when receipted invoices have been presented to the Association, either before or after the activity. Alternatively the Award may be paid by the Association directly to the Organisers of the proposed activity for crediting to the winner’s account with them. Awards will not be paid directly to a recipient without receipted invoices.

The Recipient of an Award will undertake to provide, soon after completion of their activity, an article, together with appropriate photographs, on their undertaken activity for publication in any Association or School Publication.

The decision of the judges will be final and the Old Priorian Association will not enter into any correspondence concerning their decision on making an Award.

If in the opinion of the panel, none of the applications justify an Award being given, then no Award will be made that year and the Annual Budget for the Award that year will not be carried forward.

Issued by the Council of the Old Priorian Association, December 2018

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