Annual General Meeting 2022

Old Priorian Association

Annual General Meeting 2022

Saturday 12th November 2022

The Annual General Meeting of The Association followed by the Annual Memorial Mass were held at St Benedict’s School.

At the AGM annual reports were received and approved on the Association’s Council business through the past year, the financial state of the Association, the statistical analysis of current membership of 1917 and the sporting activities of the various OP sections.

The following Council was elected or confirmed in their appointment for the year 2022-2023:


President: Katie Wilmot (OP 2002)

Secretary: Marina Ranger (OP 2009)

Treasurer: The Bursar, St Benedict’s School was confirmed as the permanent Treasurer of the Old Priorian Association

Council Members:

Francis Curran (OP 2016)

Olivia Davies (OP 2015)

Lewis Hill (OP 1975)

Mark Machado (OP 2004)

Alex Pereira-Inacio (OP 2000)

Christopher Stevenson (OP 1964)

Brian Taylor (OP 1960)

Jessica Taylor-Beirne (OP 2009)

Ranjan Waas (OP 2008)

Ex-Officio Members: (Appointed, not Elected)

Andrew Johnson (Headmaster)

Rob Simmons (OP 1987, Junior School Headmaster)

Catherine Bedwin (Bursar, St Benedict’s School)

Joe Berger (OP 1976, Governing Board)

Vacant (Society of Parents and Friends)

Administrator OPA – Awaiting Appointment

Tara George (Development Director).

Richard Baker (OP 1959) has retired from his post as Administrator OPA

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