International Honours

International Caps

On reflection and looking over the consistent offering of sporting skill that St Benedict’s School produces that either the soil of the Perivale playing fields is especially blessed by the River Brent or that a good reputation invokes and attracts a deeper quality of that same courage, or flair, or pluck that constitutes not just an excellent sportsman (of which St Benedict’s can proudly boast of a whole host) but that added extra ‘something’ that creates the GREAT …the International Cap.

In Rugby particularly there has poured forth a plethora of talent (though to be fair, fencing, rifle-shooting, cricket, athletics and kayaking have also appeared amidst  Alumni accolades) from this St Benedict’s stable – each no doubt a fine pedigree in its own right. Casting a quick eye along the line of plaudits, two names in particular are outstanding for their worth: that of DP Hopley (OP 1986) and JP Simpson (OP 2006), both of whom have achieved their International Caps for England. Incidentally Damian Hopley’s elder brother, Philip (OP 1984) has also achieved some strong, sporting recognition.

It is invidious a task to spotlight any such outstanding merit amidst so much excellence but what is so much more encouraging is that there appears a strong tradition of similar worth journeying its way into the majority from the younger ages…maybe the best is yet to be?

Name Sport Country Year
AF Niekirk (OP 1947) Rifle Shooting Scotland 1957-59
WT Treadwell (OP 1957) Rugby England 1966 (3 Caps)
Barbarians 1966
JN McGrath (OP 1958) Fencing Wales 1965-70
JA Trigg (OP 1959) Rugby International Ref 1979-86
RA Codd (OP 1966) Rugby Barbarians 1972-73
SM Campbell (OP 1979) Rugby England Students 1984
PA Hopley (OP 1984) Rugby England Students 1987-89
Barbarians 1997
DP Hopley (OP 1986) Rugby England U18 1988
England U19 1989
Scottish Univs 1990
England 7s 1993 & 96
Barbarians 1994
England 1995 (3 Caps)
MJ Hutton (OP 1988) Rugby England U21 1990
Barbarians 1996
RJ Hutton (OP 1991) Rugby England U18 1990-91
CP Wilson (OP 1994) Athletics England 2001-05
DR Holt (OP 2000) Cricket England U19 1999
DJ Codrington (OP 2002) Rugby England U18 2002
SD O’Donnell (OP 2003) Rugby Ireland U18 2003-04
SD O’Connell (OP 2004) Rugby Ireland U19 2010
JA Cann (OP 2005) Rugby England U18 2004-05
HW Ellis (OP 2006) Rugby Wales U16 Captain 2003-04
England U18 2005-06
England U19 2006
England U20 Captain 2008
JP Simpson (OP 2006) Rugby England U19 2006
England 7s 2007
England Saxons 2009
England 2011
JG Bordiss (OP 2007) Rugby England U18 2006
AG Ellis (OP 2008) Rugby England U18 2007
England U19 2010
J Stephenson (OP 2008) Rugby Ireland U18 2007
England Counties 2011
RR Halsall (OP 2008) Rugby England U16 2006
Ireland U19 2008
MJ Simpson (OP 2008) Rugby England U16 2006
JH Ogden (OP 2008) Skiing GB Youth 2007
J Holmes (OP 2010) Rugby England U20 2011
N Higgins (OP 2011) Rugby Ireland U18 Clubs 2011
F Davidson (Staff) Rugby England U20 2010-11
EE Romain Kayaking GB Development 2010-11
NR Romain Kayaking GB Development 2010-11
H Sadiq Fencing GB Cadet U17 2010-11
MR Brant Rugby Canada U17 2010-11
ML Makram Rugby England U16 2011