In Memoriam

May They Rest in Peace


Ferns, Mark
OP 1983

Died 30th November 2017, Aged 53.
Mark was IT Manager at St Benedict’s from March 2003 to October 2014.
Foley, Michael
OP 1967

Died 9th August 2016, Aged 68.
Michael joined the academic staff at Aberystwyth University in 1974 as a Lecturer in American Government and Politics. Since the 1990s he served there in a variety of leadership roles in International Politics, including Director of Graduate Studies and Director of Research, and most recently Acting Head and then Head of Department.
Green, Joseph
OP 1963; SBS 55-63

Died 6th March 2020, Aged 75.
Brother of Mark (OP 1960; RIP 2011)
Grubb, Peter
OP 1960

Died 23rdDecember 2016, Aged 64.
Peter was credited as Britain’s leading mammalian taxonomist, and one of the pre-eminent mammalogists worldwide.
Harvey, Philip
OP 1966

Died 1st December 2015, Aged 67.
Philip was living in Ireland when he died.
Hemy, Peter
OP 1967; SBS 59-67

Died 21st December 2019, Aged 71.
Brother of Anthony (OP 1971)
Hooper, Laurence
OP 1999

Died 25th January 2019, Aged 37.
Brother of James. Laurence was a Dante specialist, gaining a PhD in Italian whilst at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. He was Professor in Italian at Dartmouth College in Hanover and held three fellowships in the USA.
Hopper, Christopher
OP 1963; SBS 57-63

Died 1st February 2020, Aged 75.
Brother-in-law of David Randell (OP 1957) and son of Mrs Amy Hopper (RIP 1997), a former Senior School Librarian
Hubner, Peter
OP 1960

Died 28th October 2018, Aged 76.
Brother of Martin (OP 1962).
Peter died suddenly after a major heart attack whilst out cycling near his home in Kirby Muxloe, Leics; His death was totally unexpected; he was very fit, played tennis, kept to a very sensible diet and did not drink – always concerned as a heart surgeon, that others should follow his sensible and healthy example. Peter was a loyal supporter of the Old Priorians, and a credit to St. Benedict’s School, having obtained a First at London University, qualified as a doctor at the Middlesex Hospital, was a founding member of the Groby Road Heart Unit outside Leicester and a world-renowned heart consultant. He was a devout Catholic, a real Christian, always ready to help others, especially those who may have failed in life. To his family we extend out deepest sympathy.
Johnson, Dennis
Staff 1966-1986

Died 5th September 2017, Aged 91.
Dennis joined the Senior School Staff as Head of English in 1966 and served in the capacity for twenty years.
Klim, Richard
OP 1973

Died May 2016, Aged 61.
Lee, Brian
OP 1957

Died 24th May 2018, Aged 80.

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