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May They Rest in Peace

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Peter Hemy
OP 1967

Died 21st December 2019, Aged 71.
Brother of Anthony (OP 1971)
Paul Olsen
Staff 1955-1963

Died 8th October 2019, Aged 96.
Paul taught History at St Benedict's. On leaving St Benedict's in 1963 he became the founding Headmaster of St Thomas Aquinas School in Birmingham, the first lay headmaster of a Catholic school in the country. Paul left St Thomas Aquinas in 1974 to become Headmaster of St Augustine's in Redditch from where he retired in 1982 to Burnham-on-Sea.
Michael Tedeschi
OP 1970

Died October 2019, Aged 68.
Jonathan Andall
OP 1996

Died 30th September 2019, Aged 41.
Brother of Hogarth (OP 1988) and Colin (OP 1994). Jonathan had been living in Guyana.

Mark Bushby
Staff 2005

Died 29th September 2019.
After teaching music at St Benedict's, Mark went to Notting Hill & Ealing High School and then to Queen Anne's School before joining St Joseph's College, Reading, first as Deputy Head Pastoral and then most recently as Head of the Prep School.

Peter Watson
OP 1952

Died 27th August 2019, Aged 83.
Peter gave his time and thought generously to the Association; for many years he was a Council Member and during that time served as Association President from 2000-2001.

Peter Sweeney
OP 1979

Died 19th August 2019, Aged 58.
Brother of John (OP 1977, RIP) and Mark (OP 1978).

John (Kerry) Downes
OP 1948

Died 11th August 2019, Aged 88.

Dai Barnes
Staff 2005-2014

Died 2nd August 2019, Aged 48.
After teaching at St Benedict’s for nine years where he was head of IT, Dai went to Oundle School where he became Head of Digital Strategy. We offer our thoughts and prayers to his family at this time.

Martin Russell
OP 1951

Died 6th July 2019, Aged 84.
Father of Christopher (OP 1997) and Philip (OP 2000). Martin was a great supporter of all that the OPA endeavoured to do and for many years was an OPA Council Member and served as the Treasurer of the Old Priorian Association.

John Phillips
Staff 1977-1992

Died 11th June 2019, Aged 68.
John was a member of the Modern Languages Department.

Dermot Costello
OP 1998

Died 25th March 2019, Aged 49.
Brother of Aidan (OP 1983) and Eugene (OP 1986) and son of Denis (Staff 1961-1995). To them and his wife Liz and his children Niamh and Conor we offer our deepest sympathy.

Laurence Hooper
OP 1999

Died 25th January 2019, Aged 37.
Brother of James. Laurence was a Dante specialist, gaining a PhD in Italian whilst at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. He was Professor in Italian at Dartmouth College in Hanover and held three fellowships in the USA.

Michael Duggan
OP 1948

Died 22nd January 2019, Aged 86.
Michael was a retired solicitor – a sole practitioner. He and his wife, Maeve, moved to Shropshire in 1983 and finally settled in Wales in 2007. Michael loved his work and it was always a source of pride to give his best. Although, failing in health, he was delighted to receive, in December 2016, from the President of the Law Society, a Certificate of Congratulations on completing fifty years on the Roll of Solicitors.

Raymond Codd
OP 1966

Died 17th January 2019, Aged 71.
Brother of Brian (OP 1963). R.I.P.
Ray was Head of School in 65-66 and in the same year he achieved high ranking in the CCF – he was a Senior Under Officer. He excelled at all games, ending his school career as Captain of the Rugby 1st XV, Captain of the Cricket 1st XI, Captain of Athletics and Cross Country. After he left School, he went to St Luke’s College in Exeter where he again shone in Rugby and later played for and captained Rosslyn Park and Middlesex; in the early 70s he had trials for England and Ireland and captained The Barbarians. Ray taught at Haileybury, Whitgift and finally at King’s Taunton where he was Head of PE and Games and where he completed his teaching career.

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