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May They Rest in Peace

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Zygmunt Leyton-Henry (Herniczek)
OP 1960; SBS 53-60

Died 9th September 2020, Aged 78.
To his family we extend our deepest sympathy.
Philip Becker
OP 1975; SBS 72-75

Died 20th September 2020, Aged 55.
Brother of Mark (OP 1976) and Son of Peter (OP 1949, RIP).
To his family we extend our deepest sympathy.
Marcus Salvoni
OP 1976; SBS 71-76

Died 16th July 2020, Aged 62.
Peter Linehan
OP 1960; SBS 54-60

Died 9th July 2020, Aged 76.
Brother of Christopher (OP 1963).
To his family we extend our deepest sympathy.
Peter was a Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge and of the British Academy.
Bernard Jantet
OP 1953; SBS 44-53

Died 5th May 2020, Aged 85
Brother of George (OP 1945) and Paul (OP 1948).
To his wife Jane and family we extend our deepest sympathy.
Patrick Tobin
OP 1960; SBS 52-60; Staff 1963-1971

Died 29th April 2020, Aged 78
Brother of Michael (OP 1962; RIP) and Cousin of Paul (OP 1966).
To his wife Margery, their four children and thirteen grandchildren we extend our deepest sympathy.
Colin Atkinson
Staff 1966-1978

Died 20th April 2020.
Colin was Director of Music at St Benedict's School for the twelve years he was with us, building the firm foundation on which the School music has developed to the very high standards it has today.
To his wife Wendy and their family we extent our deepest sympathy.
Robert Wykes
OP 1949; SBS 40-49

Died 16th April 2020, Aged 87.
Brother of Valentine (OP 1943; RIP)
Robert is survived by his wife, 5 children and 11 grandchildren - to them we offer our deepest sympathy.
Robert was a civil engineer; he was a keen rugby fan and in his 20s and 30s had played for Ealing.
Peter MacGregor
OP 1957; SBS 46-57

Died 18th April 2020, Aged 81.
Brother of John (OP 1960) and Richard (OP 1963)
Michael Barley
OP 1958; SBS 51-58

Died 18th April 2020, Aged 79.
Brother of James (OP 1961) and Brother-in-law of John Collins (OP 1966)
Michael had spent his working life as a GP in the Brighton and Hove area.
John Hanley
OP 1960; SBS 53-60

Died 13th April 2020, Aged 78.
Brother of James (OP 1966) and Mark (OP 1972), Son of Frank (Staff 49-75 Head of Modern Languages, RIP).
To his wife Faith and son Liam we offer our deepest sympathy.
Reginald Chillman
OP 1948; SBS 38-48

Dom Gregory, Monk and Priest of Ealing Abbey 48-20
Died 29th March 2020, Aged 89.

Dom Gregory died in the 71st year of his monastic profession and the 66th year of his priesthood
Peter Walsh
OP 1946; SBS 37-46

Died 10th February 2020, Aged 91.
Brother of Anthony (OP 1941; RIP) and William (OP 1947; RIP)
Joseph Green
OP 1963; SBS 55-63

Died 6th March 2020, Aged 75.
Brother of Mark (OP 1960; RIP 2011)
William (Billy) Withall, Major General, CB
OP 1945; SBS 40-45

Died 21st February 2020, Aged 91.
Brother of Michael (OP 1956)
Christopher Hopper
OP 1963; SBS 57-63

Died 1st February 2020, Aged 74.
Brother-in-law of David Randell (OP 1957) and son of Mrs Amy Hopper (RIP 1997), a former Senior School Librarian
Peter Hemy
OP 1967; SBS 59-67

Died 21st December 2019, Aged 71.
Brother of Anthony (OP 1971)

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