In Memoriam

May They Rest in Peace


Mallett, Peter
OP 1969

Died 20th January 2009, Aged 58.
Miles-Johnson, Peter
OP 1947

Died 26th February 2018, Aged 89.
Morgan, Brian
School Bursar 1988-1993

Died 25th May 2018.
Brian came to St Benedict’s from the Royal Navy where he had served as a meteorologist, much of the time closeted in the bowels of the earth under Northwood.
Murphy, Barry
OP 1964

Died 14th November 2017, Aged 72.
Brother of Alan (OP 1958).
Murray, Anthony
OP 1959

Died September 2016, Aged 73.
McComish, Mark
OP 1984

Died 8th January 2019, Aged 53.
Brother of Paul (OP 1972 R.I.P.).
Norridge, Adrian
OP 1961

Died 27th June 2016, Aged 73
O’Mahony, Paul
OP 1965

Died 11th November 2015, Aged 69.
Paul was living in Ireland when he died.
Olsen, Paul
Staff 1955-1963

Died 8th October 2019, Aged 96.
Paul taught History at St Benedict's. On leaving St Benedict's in 1963 he became the founding Headmaster of St Thomas Aquinas School in Birmingham, the first lay headmaster of a Catholic school in the country. Paul left St Thomas Aquinas in 1974 to become Headmaster of St Augustine's in Redditch from where he retired in 1982 to Burnham-on-Sea.
Phillips, John
Staff 1977-1992

Died 11th June 2019, Aged 68.
John was a member of the Modern Languages Department.
Quinton, Richard
OP 1955

Died 17th April 2016, Aged 77.
After school, Richard went to Portugal to train to become a Priest but after two years he decided to leave and for the rest of his working life he worked in Catholic Approved Schools. He was totally dedicated to the job and after he retired he continued working as a volunteer and was the Chairman of a Housing Association and a member of the Independent Monitoring Board for Prisons.
Rapazzini, Michael
OP 1957

Died 25th November 2018, Aged 79.
Brother of Richard (OP 1962) and Adrian (OP 1964)

Michael was a great supporter of the Old Priorian Association and its events, especially the formal Dinners. In more recent years on many occasions he would come over from his home in Milan to attend the ‘Shampers Lunches’ at which a group who had left school in the late fifties and early sixties would meet for a rather leisurely, lengthy lunch in London - he was a great supporter here too. Michael was a sincere person of integrity and will be missed by all who knew him; to his family we offer our deepest sympathy and prayers.
Russell, Martin
OP 1951

Died 6th July 2019, Aged 84.
Father of Christopher (OP 1997) and Philip (OP 2000). Martin was a great supporter of all that the OPA endeavoured to do and for many years was an OPA Council Member and served as the Treasurer of the Old Priorian Association.

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